You Cannot Delegate Greatness

by Megan Macedo

You Can't Delegate Greatness - Twiggal

I have a friend who sleep eats. She eats in her sleep. Seriously, that’s a thing.

She was once on a camping trip – you know, like a proper in-the-wilds camping experience where the food you take with you is all you have to eat for that few days – and the supplies were carefully rationed for each day.

She’s seriously smart, Oxbridge education, PhD, all that stuff… so I would put money on the fact that she had the whole rationing thing down.

But something in her lizard brain had other ideas and she awoke one morning with the sloppy remnants of the remaining rations strewn across herself. At some point in the night her subconscious mind and her motor skills had conspired against her, turning her sleeping bag into a life-sized hot pocket of pigswill.

Why am I telling you this?

Because you might just be turning your own rations into half eaten pigswill without even realising it.

The subconscious mind is strange. People do bizarre things. And business owners are no exception.

In fact, if anything, we’re more out there than the average.

So as you consciously strive for one thing – let’s say more profit – your subconscious mind is out knocking back tequila shots and lighting cigarettes with flaming hundred pound notes. Apparently he didn’t get the memo.

The fact that you’re reading this at all, tells me that you have some interest in making your business more successful, growing your sales and increasing your profits. Much like every client I’ve ever worked with.

You can’t be successful without a healthy stream of clients and for that you need effective marketing.

All effective marketing – that’s marketing that actually works – starts with YOUR obsessive desire to do something great.

Without your desire to do something GREAT, there is nothing to market, no incredible product or service, no compelling offer. There is no reason for anyone to buy.

The desire to do something great cannot be delegated

Last week I sent out an email about the importance of playing to your strengths – do what you’re good at and delegate the rest. Right?

Well… maybe I should qualify that, because human nature being what it is, part of you will inevitably use that good advice as an excuse – an all-too-needed release valve in a moment of overwhelm – and instead of my advice putting money in your pocket, all I’ll have done is taught you how to be a more sophisticated thief.

And when you’re stealing from yourself, you’ve gotta be pretty sophisticated.

Here’s what happens…

Your conscious mind wants to sell more and make more money. Your subconscious mind, meanwhile, is like your cousin’s wife who you thankfully only see once a year… and every time she’s got some new allergy or some new food that she can’t eat for fear of it making her hair swell up, but if it’s mixed in with butter and sugar then she can eat it just fine. It has all kinds of illogical rules and reasons for doing one thing and not another.

So consciously YOU want to make more money – but your subconscious runs the show. It’s the organ grinder, you’re the monkey.

And when it comes to taking the actions that will – or will not – result in you making more money, your subconscious does things like delegating the-most-important-task-in-your-business-bar-none-that-you-and-you-alone-can-do, and the manipulating little blighter uses logic like “play to your strengths and delegate the rest” to appease your conscious mind and put you on the track to failure.

I’ve seen it happen too many times. A business owner says he wants to grow his business, spread his message and make more sales, but then he tries to delegate the obsessive desire to do something great. He wants an employee or a PR firm or a marketing expert to spearhead the whole thing and turn water into wine.

You can hire all the sales and marketing experts in the world but if you don’t have a clear vision for what you are trying to do, if you don’t have an obsessive desire to do something great, if you can’t tap into the deep recesses of your soul and stir your passion, then you will not get to where you want to be.

Yes, play to your strengths, do what you are best at and outsource the rest, but there are some things that you cannot delegate.

With some things you have to step up and take responsibility.

You have to get clear on what you want. You have to own your vision. You have to unearth your obsessive desire to do something Great.

You cannot delegate Greatness.

YOU are in charge for a reason. YOU couldn’t survive in the nine-to-five paycheck prison for a reason.

YOU have a Greatness inside you.

And only YOU can get it out.

Be Great in your work today,


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Super inspiring, Megan!

It all starts with your mindset. You need to believe in yourself before you enroll someone to be on your team, or get a client, etc.

And it’s not easy to get there. It takes a lot of introspective reflection to know what you’re capable of – then you just need to do it. Taking action is a whole other animal.


Megan Macedo

Thanks Michael.

I love the simplicity of “then you just need to do it”. We make taking action so complicated sometimes, throwing in all kinds of diversions and extra steps, when really we “just need to do it”!


Michael Arnold

Great post Megan! Yes we are entrepreneurs because we are inspired to do something great!

I also love the image of the subconscious mind knocking back tequila shots and lighting cigarettes with flaming hundred pound notes! So true – how can we get in our own way


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